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hi, I'm 


I was born in Arizona, raised in Indiana, and now have the privilege to call Minnesota home. I've been here long enough to know that a bright sunny day in winter will be the coldest you've ever encountered, and that it can definitely be too cold to snow.

I have five amazing kids and a British husband that keep me on my toes. I met said British husband on Twitter and had to explain to my mom that Twitter was not a dating site. I liked coffee before it was cool. I've eaten dinner at the Wrigley Mansion (of Wrigley's gum fame). I've flown a plane. I once vacuumed my entire house in under an hour, but only that one time.

I love a phone selfie, warm sweaters, and translating whatever it is my husband just said (how on earth does he make 'flaw' sound exactly like 'floor'??)


a bit more

My photography journey started when my dad bought me my first Canon for my tenth birthday. I was given little instruction, but lots of film, and my camera went everywhere with me. Eventually, I taught myself to use it and developed my signature style of natural and candid moments of pure joy. 

You're not going to find static, facing-forward with forced smiles here. My goal with the time we have is to capture real interaction in bursts of happiness.

I can't wait to hear from you so we can start planning the perfect session!

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